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What's an Online Electrical Technology Program Like?

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Modern life revolves around electricity; it powers everything from our homes, to our phones, to now even our cars. Electrical technology is the study of all that is involved in storing, producing, controlling, and making use of electrical energy.

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What is an Online Electrical Technology Program Like?

Online electrical technology programs can vary considerably, but most online programs can help you earn your diploma or associate degree. In order to qualify for these programs, students must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

In order to participate in online classes and lectures, students must have a reliable internet connection, a computer that can access the internet, and be familiar with basic word-processing software.

Courses in an Electrical Technology Program

Courses will vary based on program requirements and scope, though most cover similar topics. Your online electrical technology degree program will include both general education and technical courses. Here’s a list of possible classes you may take: 

  • Computer Literacy
  • English Writing and Composition
  • Principles of Mathematics
  • OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry
  • Electrical Conduit Bending
  • Blueprint Reading for Electricians
  • Technical Math and Electric Circuits
  • Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Wiring
  • Programmable Logic
  • Controllers/Industrial Electronics

Schools Offering Electrical Technology Programs

Here’s a list of some of our partner schools that have electrical technology programs. Some schools offer fully online programs and some have hybrid classroom-online options.

Benefits of Online Electrical Technology Programs

Students who choose this path will be well prepared to work in many different environments, especially as electricians. Graduates can also find work fields such as telecommunications and construction.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing online classes is they offer flexibility. Students typically don’t have to attend classes at a specific time. Rather, they read materials themselves and complete assignments in a predetermined time frame.

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