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Electrical Systems Technician

In almost every industry, there is a need for an electrical systems technician. Because of that, the job outlook varies depending on the field but is remaining steady.

What Does An Electrical Systems Tech Do?

An electrical systems technician updates, repairs, and installs a variety of electrical equipment. You'll be able to take care of any job with complex electronic components. You're trained to use tools specific to determining what needs to be done to bring the faulty system back to life.

Some electrical system techs will find themselves employed with factories or repair shops. Others may decide to freelance.

How Much Does An Electrical Systems Technician Make?

After schooling is finished and you have been certified, you can expect a median salary of $63K, according to

A few career options within the electrical systems tech realm, such as in mining, waste treatment and disposal and foundation, structure, and building contractors all make above the $70,000 mark, and some even make more than $100,000.

What Type Of Schooling Is Required To Become An Electrical Systems Technician?

To become an electrical systems technician, the minimum requirement is an associate degree or certificate from a trade school. The programs will include coursework covering various aspects of electronic equipment from personal electronic equipment to larger commercial products. There are also expected courses in circuitry, fiber optics, computer programming, and much more.

To earn an associate degree will take a minimum of two years, while earning a trade school certification will take approximately one year.

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