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Click through to learn about different careers in electrical. Popular careers include electrician, lineman, and electrical engineer. Decided on a career? Find an electrical school near you.

  • Electrician
    An electrician is the person who makes the power work inside a building.
  • Lineman
    You know all those wires at tree lines and buried in ditches next to the streets? Those are installed and maintained by linemen.
  • Electrical Systems Technician
    An electrical systems technician updates, repairs, and installs a variety of electrical equipment.
  • Electrical Mechanic
    You find electrical mechanics working their magic on the floors of factories—from automotive to power tool manufacturing plants—repairing and installing electrical equipment.
  • Electrical Engineer
    Electrical engineers are problem solvers and fixers. Without them, life wouldn’t be able to function the way we expect it to.