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Wind Turbine Technicians: What Do They Do?

wind turbine tech job description

Wind Turbines are new to many of the national landscapes. As the demand for green energy grows, wind turbines are becoming more and more popular. Just like a car needs a mechanic to keep it running, a wind turbine needs a wind turbine technician. Wind turbine technicians, also called windtechs, have exciting jobs with many different duties they perform every day.

What do Wind Turbine Technicians Do?

Wind turbines involve a lot of upkeep; after all, they create electricity for people all over the country.

Wind turbines are made of three major parts: the blades, the tower, and the nacelle, which is made of brakes, a gearbox, a generator, and an outer case. Windtechs make sure all of these parts run smoothly and do not break down.

A large part of a wind turbine technician’s day involves monitoring and fixing wind turbines. Windtechs check the parts of the turbine to make sure they are running smoothly on a set schedule. If the parts aren’t working, they must replace or fix them.

Working on a wind turbine also involves climbing it to inspect, repair, and grease the parts so they continue to run. Windtechs also must climb up both outside and inside the turbine to perform repairs and inspect. Because of this, they must be at ease with heights.

Wind turbine technicians also upkeep other electrical systems found with wind turbines, such as underground transmission stations, wind field substations, or fiber optic sensing and control systems. 

Wind turbines are linked to a central office by computers. When the computers detect something is wrong with a turbine, windtechs are sent to resolve the issue. Because wind turbines contain electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems, wind turbine technicians must know how to fix all three systems.

Wind turbine technicians also collect data from the wind turbines they take care of all year. This information tells the technicians how well the turbine is running, how much power it makes, and more. This information is also used to improve the wind turbines and figure out how to better provide power to more homes.

Windtechs are also sometimes involved in placing new wind turbines or founding new wind farms, which are large clusters of wind turbines in one location.

Is a Career as A Wind Turbine Technician Right for Me?

If you enjoy working outdoors, working from heights, working on large structures, and working on engines, a career as a wind turbine technician may be for you. It may also be the career for you if you are interested in green energy.


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