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Good Vs. Great Electricians

To become an electrician, candidates must undergo hands-on and classroom training before being tested. Aside from having the necessary knowledge and training, the difference between being a good electrician and a great one depends on having the right personal characteristics. 

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

In the electrical field, there is no place for sloppy work. When you become an electrician, you will quickly learn that safety and quality work should always be your first priority. The work electricians perform requires hand-eye coordination, and all electrical components must be installed in compliance with safety codes.

Problem Solving Skills

Troubleshooting and problem solving are part of your daily responsibilities, and using your judgement to make good decisions is vital to your success. Critical thinking skills and a propensity for math and science — particularly physics — will benefit those wanting to become an electrician. Electricians must also be able to concentrate on small projects for long periods of times.

Ability to Work with a Team or Independently

The jobs electricians take on can vary day to day. While you may become an electrician to work independently, there are times you may want to take on larger projects as part of a team. Because of this, electricians need to be able to self-manage, be comfortable working with others, and communicate effectively.

You may also exert your physical strength and stamina as an electrician, since you will be working in awkward spaces and carrying heavy loads. If you are someone who is physically fit, and find that you have great endurance, you may be at an advantage for a job as an electrician. 

Get Started in Your Chosen Line of Work

If you want to become an electrician, then start training for your new career today! Find an electrical trade school near you. If you are someone who does not have all of these soft qualities, find an electrical trade school near you, still! Electrical school is designed to train, educate, and improve you.

If you're dedicated to bettering yourself, then overtime, you can improve and still enjoy a great career as an electrician. 

Try our electrical practice tests.


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