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Electrician Pay Is Going Up! (2021 Data)

Electrician Pay Is Going Up 2021 Data

In March of 2021, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) reported an increase in the average electrician salary. The average electrician salary in 2020 was $61,550 with an average hourly pay of $29.59 per hour. This includes the wages of all electricians throughout the country, including apprentices who get paid less than fully experienced electricians. The national average has improved from $60,370 in 2019 and $51,190 in 2018.

We gathered information about the top paying states and industries for electricians below.

Top States For Electricians

States that employ the most electricians:

  • California - 71,010
  • Texas - 60,890
  • Florida - 41,900
  • New York - 36,310
  • Ohio - 23,430

The states that employ the largest number of electricians are usually states that have a large population with dense cities. Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York City employ 78,970 electricians just on their own!

Highest paying states for electricians:

  • Illinois - $81,650
  • New York - $81,340
  • Hawaii - $79,280
  • D.C - $79,030
  • Oregon - $76,040

High average pay can be a result of higher demand for electricians in that area. High state salary averages can sometimes also be tied to a state’s cost of living. Chicago, New York City, and D.C. all have relatively high costs of living.

Top Industries for Electricians

Industries that employ the most electricians:

  • Building Equipment Contractors - 477.560
  • Employment Services - 21,160
  • Local Government - 13,780

Highest paying industries:

  • Natural Gas Distribution - $106,280
  • Land Subdivision - $99,780
  • Technical and Trade Schools - $93, 260

Electrician Employment Outlook

Employment of electricians is expected to grow by 8% by 2029, which is twice as fast as the average for all occupations. This is partly due to the introduction of alternative energy like wind and solar power. This emerging field will provide more installation and repair work for electricians in the future. With average pay and demand for electricians continuing to rise, there’s no better time to become an electrician than now! To learn more about electrical training opportunities, find an electrical trade school near you.


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