Electronics Systems Technician

Electronics System Technicians or EST’s are in high demand right now because of how technology driven our society is. An electronics system technician is the one called soon after a new electronic system comes into the business or the second one becomes faulty. An electronics system technician basically keeps the company running full steam ahead!

What does an EST do?
In almost every single industry there is a need for an electronics system technician. They will install, upgrade and service many types of electronics equipment ranging from residential to industrial. Some of the equipment an EST will be call to work on are Audio/Visual, computer networking, lighting, cable and satellite, and more.

Because so much of today’s technology is computer or software driven, the EST will need to have working knowledge of computers and technological equipment necessary to complete their projects.

How do you become an Electronics System Technician?

A high school diploma or GED are required to gain entry to trade schools. Certification requirements vary from state to state but either a certificate or associate’s degree will be necessary if you want to become an EST.

The coursework will include a variety of computer programming classes, circuit theory and fiber optics. There will also be classes the cover electronic equipment for commercial, residential and auto. And lastly, they will also teach how to use the necessary tools of the electronics system trade.

How much do EST’s make?

The median salary for an electronics systems technician sits roughly between $31,230 to $53,400 per year. The highest paid field in electronics systems tech works to support mines and they’ll see around $107,000 annually. Surprisingly, the lowest paid EST works with motor vehicles and they make $31,230 yearly.

The projected job growth between now and 2024 is 4% which is on par with many other careers in the field. Find a local school if a career as an EST is for you.

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