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How Much Money do Electricians Make?

This article provides a detailed look at electrician salaries across the U.S. You'll find national average salary information, along with top-earning electrical industries, and top-paying states. Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical wires either outdoors, in residential homes, or commercial buildings. All data has been collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Electrician Salary on Average

The average yearly pay for electricians was $67,810 in 2023 and the top 10 percent earned $104,180 or more. (bls.gov).

Nearly all electricians work at least full time, and overtime is common in the industry as well. Electrician work schedules may include evenings and weekends, and can vary during times of inclement weather. Find a local electrician trade school now.

Industries with Top-Paying Electrician Positions

Like all jobs, an electrician's pay can vary depending on many factors — one of which being the industry he or she specializes in. Industries that provided the highest pay for electricians in 2023 were:

  • Natural Gas Distribution - $116,650
  • Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers - $115,070
  • Communications Equipment Manufacturing - $100,640
  • Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing - $100,260
  • Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events - $99,830

Top Paying States for Electricians

We have also researched the top-paying states for electricians in 2023: 

Nearly every building has a team of electricians to thank for keeping its electrical systems running safely and smoothly. It's a great industry to enter, with steady growth predicted for the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see a 6 percent increase in industry demand for electricians between now and 2032. 

If you are someone who is good with your hands, has great troubleshooting skills, and an interest in all things electrical, you'll likely make a great electrician. Take the first step today and find an electrical training program near you!


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Pay Stats Provided by the 2024 Bureau of Labor Statistics

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