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How Much Money Do Electricians Make?

This article contains information about electrician salaries. It includes average salary information, industries with top salaries, and different types of electrical jobs plus their pay in different locations across the United States.

Electrician Salary On Average

The average yearly salary for electricians was $60,370 in May 2010 (most recent BLS statistics). The top 10 percent earned more than $96,580, while the lowest ten percent earned close to $33,410.

Nearly all electricians work at least full time, and overtime is common. Electrician work schedules may include evenings and weekends, and may vary during times of bad weather. Find a local electrician trade school now.

Industries With Top Electrician Salaries

Electricians make different average salaries depending on what industry they work in. The following list includes the top industries for electricians.

  • Natural Gas Distribution - $104,250
  • Marketing and Promoters - $86,820
  • Land Subdivision - $82,630
  • Real Estate - $81,300

Different Electrician Jobs With Their Pay

We researched some of the most popular job posting boards and found some real examples of electrician jobs. Below, we’re listing the general location, salary information, and prerequisites to apply. These should help you gain a better understanding of what you can earn after training. Links are included to view training options near you.

Electrician supervisor job in Florida can pay $60,000 - $120,000 a year if you have 5 years of experience.

Electrician job in South Carolina can pay $30,000 - $60,000 a year if you have 2-3 years of experience.

Electrician position in New York City can pay $410 a day if you have about 5 years of experience.

Electrician job in Florida can pay $42 - $93 an hour if you have your license.

A city electrician job in California can pay $5,015 - $6,720 a month if you’re licensed and have some experience.

Journeyman electrician position in Idaho can pay $30.92 - $33.10 an hour; you must be a licensed journeyman electrician.

Residential electrician job in Virginia can pay $32 - $50 an hour, and you’ll need 2 years of experience.

Electrician position in Texas can pay $43 - $95 an hour; you must be licensed.

Traffic signal electrician job in Connecticut can pay $86,151 - $110,685 a year; you’ll need experience and a good resume to land this job.

Industrial electrician position in Louisiana can pay $28 - $38 an hour. You just need to have your high school diploma and NCCER certification for a job like this.


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