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How is Virtual Reality Being Used in Electrical Work?

Virtual reality, or VR, is a computerized simulation of three-dimensional environments that users interact with in real-time. People experience VR through specialized headsets and gloves. VR technology simulates sensory experiences, such as sight, touch, and sound. Virtual reality has been implemented into many industries, with electrical being one of them. 

The methods of virtual reality being used have worked to the benefit of students, apprentices, and electricians alike.

Virtual Reality in the Electrical Industry

Body copy. For training purposes and onsite projects, virtual reality has made its way into the electrical industry to enhance industry practices. Learn about the ways in which we’re seeing VR make headway for electricians.

Training Simulations

Body copy. The features virtual reality offers have streamlined electrician training. Whether someone is an apprentice or a student enrolled with a trade school, VR is being used to educate future electricians. In a controlled environment, students are able to practice skills such as troubleshooting, wire installation, safety protocol, and even the operation of specific tools or equipment. 

Certain situations can be replicated, allowing students to practice various methods such as conducting electrical testing and even completing standard maintenance tasks. Using VR in this manner not only offers advantages to students and apprentices, but can also assist electricians on the job who may be in need of refreshed knowledge or training.

Safety Training

Body copy. The job of an electrician can be a dangerous one, and safety training plays a critical role in the prevention of accidents and injuries. Not only does VR offer a safe and controlled environment for people to practice their electrical skills, it can also simulate specific hazardous scenarios for training purposes.

The job of an electrician is one of the more dangerous ones. Electricians encounter potentially hazardous situations daily, and VR can improve one’s preparedness. Simulations can include high-voltage environments, along with electrical fires. By immersing students and electricians in these conditions, individuals can familiarize themselves with the necessary protocol to better prepare for emergencies when they do arise.

Design and Planning

Body copy. VR is being used on the job to streamline the design and potential planning of various projects. Virtual reality technology in this case allows electricians to view electrical systems in 3D. This can aid in understanding the layout of various components, wiring, and equipment. Ultimately, this makes for more informed decision making, along with a simplified planning process.

Not only do virtual reality 3D layouts allow for efficient planning with routine electrical work and maintenance, it can also assist in the development and planning stages of various installations. These installation projects could be residential, commercial, or even industrial.

Remote Assistance

Electricians have also used virtual reality technology to collaborate with colleagues  onsite. In many instances, this collaboration can be facilitated through headsets equipped with cameras and microphones. This technology makes it possible for real-time assistance, feedback, and collaboration while conducting repairs and installations.

This VR technology can not only benefit electricians on the job, but can assist in training efforts among apprentices and students enrolled in electrical training.

Simplified Processes

Overall, the breakthroughs of VR technology have simplified processes for electricians across the board. Whether being used for training, safety protocol, design and construction efforts, or virtual collaboration, VR continues to advance practices in the electrical industry. 

As technology advances and greener initiatives continue to be implemented, virtual reality is expected to continue to positively impact these various innovations.

Does the Future of the Electrical Industry Include You?

Body copy. Virtual reality is just one branch of technology that is expected to revolutionize electrical practices. If you’re interested in working with advancing technology in an in-demand industry, a career as an electrician may be a great fit for you. Careers in electrical work offer fulfilling, hands-on, technical positions with opportunities for career advancement.

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