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WTI has been training people for success for nearly 70 years!

WTI knows that a good career is empowering, and we can help you on that path. People want a fulfilling career and some know that a four-year college is not the only way to achieve that. We offer a blended learning environment. Each course is a combination of on-campus and online experiences. This provides the ideal balance of hands-on activity and convenience. WTI puts their students’ needs first by focusing on educating, encouraging and empowering them in their pursuit of career aspirations.

Employers in our communities are looking for skilled employees. With a WTI education, you could be that employee. For nearly 70 years, the WTI has seen the need for new employees in all of the growing fields, whether they be medical or technical. Our career-focused programs and career services department prepare you to enter your career with confidence. WTI is here to help you find your future.

“WTI cares about your success. The instructors made me feel more confident in my abilities.” – Lucinda

Electronic Systems Technology

As businesses increasingly turn to robots and automation to perform tasks that once required humans, the need for skilled professionals to install, troubleshoot, repair and upgrade these machines will continue to grow. Get started in this steady and exciting career today. Currently offered at the following location: Wichita


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