Electrical Training Program

The Electrical Training Program is designed to provide related training in the electrical trade that will give students the proper course work in safety, Electrical Code, equipment, and knowledge of the trade. Instruction includes fundamentals of electricity and power distribution; basic trade mathematics; national electrical code requirements; commercial, industrial, and residential wiring requirements, and other control theory and fundamentals.

This program will provide an overview of electrical occupations, including the training and the employment options available electrical industry. The training will allow students the opportunity to train in a variety of settings in electrical trades and to develop leadership skills necessary for managerial positions in the construction trades.

The goal of this program is to prepare students for employment in any of the related areas of the electrical trade. This program will provide an overview of electrical occupations, including training and employment options available in the following areas: Safety and OSHA Standards, Electrical wiring, Residential wiring, Commercial and industrial wiring.

Why Choose InterCoast College?

InterCoast has a passion for educating students and helping them achieve their career goals. InterCoast prepares students for entry level positions in challenging careers.

The Education and skills training you will receive here at InterCoast is directed toward the development of technical skills and knowledge, along with the development of professional attitudes and behaviors related to study and work habits, interpersonal communication skills, self-discipline, and confidence.

  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend Schedules
  • Small Class Sizes ensure better Student/Teacher Ratios
  • Professional Certification Programs
  • Convenient Locations
  • Real World Experience & Training

The central mission of InterCoast is to provide Associates Degree and Diploma level educational career program designed to prepare students to succeed in the medical, legal, business, and technical industries by enabling them to meet the highest expectations of employers for entry level professions. Each program shares this mission.

Campus Locations

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Fairfield, CA
  • Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Riverside, CA
  • West Covina, CA


InterCoast Colleges, a private institution, was granted institutional approval to operate by the BPPE, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education pursuant to California Education Code, Title 3, Division 10, Part 59, Chapter 8.. The Bureau's approval means that the institution and its operation comply with the minimum standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private Postsecondary educational institutions and does not imply endorsement or recommendation.

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