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Altierus Career College is a non-profit, higher education school system with campuses in Atlanta, Houston and Tampa. We don’t just see you as a student. We see you as an individual with your own reasons for being here. Our mission is to help you find a career path that’s right for you and become a professional in as little as 10 months.

Electrical Technician

The Electrical Technician program provides training that allows you to apply scientific, technical and mathematical skills to the industrial electrical industry. You will learn the tools necessary to plan and modify electrical systems that generate and consume large amounts of electricity. The electrical industry supplies and manages transformers, motors, generators, switchgears, and other equipment required to power homes, businesses and industries.


Electricians bring the electricity you need into your home and workplace. They install, maintain, repair and replace the cables, wires and connections that deliver the power used every second of every day. They help make sure electrical systems are safe and secure. When the power fails due to bad weather, transformer breakdowns or other issues, they move to quickly restore the flow of energy.


Altierus Career College is accredited on a national level by the ACCSC.


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Campus Locations

Houston Bissonnet, TX

9700 Bissonnet St Suite 1400



Tampa, FL

3319 W Hillsborough Ave




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