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You are considered a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of equipment, buildings and stationary machines. As an electrician you will have the ability to maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructure as well as install new and complicated electrical components on ships, airplanes and other mobile platforms.

Electrical Systems Technician

You will maintain, construct and test electrical systems and its related components using specific measurement and diagnostic tools. EST's ensure that the required components meet established specifications and develop skills in cable preparation, handling, installation, termination and testing.

Electrical Mechanic

You will spend your time working on the factory floor where you will assemble, test, repair and install electrical equipment, replace parts, generate cost estimates, and maintain records of equipment you work on. Electrical mechanics have the ability to work within a variety of industries.

Electrical Engineer

You are responsible for the design and manufacturing of electrical components and equipment. Electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and/or components relative to required specification, while focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainablity.

Electronics Systems Technician

You specialize in installation field maintenance on products that transport voice, video, audio and data signals, including home and business fire alarms, security systems, audio systems, broadband systems, access control systems, media management systems and telecommunication systems.

Electronics Engineer

You design, develop and produce electronic equipment including, broadcast and communications systems and typically work in research and development industries, engineering services firms, manufacturing and federal government.

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